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World Lacrosse Wrap Up: Vivek Baniya, Nepal Lacrosse

Tune in today 11am MST/1pm EST/7pm CET for World Lacrosse Wrap-Up on Lacrosse Talk Radio. Each week we’ll bring you news, stories and tips from #lacrosse coaches around the world working to #GrowtheGame.

Today we are joined by Vivek Banya from Nepal Lacrosse. He’ll tell us about how he got the idea to start lacrosse from scratch in Nepal, and his experiences accessing equipment, support, and information, as he forms new teams and recruits new players to the game. He is looking for coaches and players to come Travel, Trek and Play the Game in Nepal. And we’ll also discuss some different versions of lacrosse that coaches anywhere can play with their teams when facing limited equipment and practicing with mixed age, ability and gender groups.

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We’ll take a listener question from Germany at the end of the show today. “As an Attackman dodging from X, where should I be looking for my open teammates when I draw the Slide?” Send us your questions about anything from skills, tactics and plays to organizing games and international tournaments!

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