WSYL Preview: Red Division Shows how much WSYL has Grown

The World Series of Youth Lacrosse is just over a week away.  Today Andrew Onodera has the second of a five part series previewing this years event taking place July 2nd through the 4th at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, northeast of Denver, Colorado.

One of the best parts about the 2017 World Series of Youth Lacrosse is its diversity. After a few years of waiting, we finally have a tournament that truly pulls teams from all across the nation, and around the world. No division represents this shift more than the Red Division.

Team From Qualifier Inside Lacrosse U13 World Ranking
Igloo Lacrosse Syosset, New York North Region #1
After last year’s championship game loss, Igloo is ready to finish what last year’s team started. The qualifying process this year proved that Igloo is back and ready to dominate. When asked about the North Regional Qualifier, Coach Anthony Alexander said, “The teams where talented, the coaches and players are well organized and you get to play in some extremely competitive games.” Igloo found a way to win all of these very competitive games and take home the #1 spot from the North Region.

Team From Qualifier Inside Lacrosse U13 World Ranking
Brotherly Love Philadelphia, Pennsylvania East Region #7
This team could be the biggest surprise of the tournament. This is their first time competing in a World Series event and, so far, they’ve done pretty well. In the East Regional Qualifier, they finished second to only API Diamondbacks. Oh, and did I mention that this team is coached by the legendary Frank Urso?

Team From Qualifier Inside Lacrosse U13 World Ranking
ADVNC National 2022 Bay Area, California West Region #11
ADVNC is a great example of the growth of lacrosse. When we think of California lacrosse, we think of Southern Cal being the major hotbed. A lot of times, we let the Bay Area slip through the cracks. ADVNC is here to make sure that the Bay Area gets put on the lacrosse map. They’re first team from Northern California to compete in the WSYL and they did remarkably well in the qualifier, finishing fourth.

Team From Qualifier Inside Lacrosse U13 World Ranking
Prime Time 2022 Long Island, New York North Region Named to Watch List
Prime Time Lacrosse is back for another year. After an impressive result in last year’s tournament, this year’s team is looking to go all the way. With two impressive goalies that can split time and a killer faceoff specialist, Prime Time has what it takes to make it to the championship. However, Coach Nicholas Daniello believes that special teams needs to be improved in order to have any real shot at the championship. “Both our man up and man down units are in the process of gelling and hopefully over the next two weeks we will be improved in that part of our team play,” he explained.

Team From Qualifier Inside Lacrosse U13 World Ranking
Iron Horse Dallas 2022 Dallas, Texas Central Region Not Ranked
This will be the first time Iron Horse is seen this year, as they didn’t get to compete in a qualifying tournament (only 2 Texas teams applied, both automatically advanced). However, don’t be fooled by this team’s lack of WSYL experience thus far. The team chemistry from Iron Horse Dallas is at an all-time high. As Coach Suzanne Moran explained, “he biggest strength is the fact that a core group of these boys have been playing together since they were in third grade, when they started to travel together for lacrosse tournaments.

  Team From Qualifier Inside Lacrosse U13 World Ranking
Team Israel Israel International Not Ranked
Not much is known about Team Israel. They will be coming together for the first time in late June for training camp. While this may be seen as a disadvantage, Team Israel may have an edge here since they won’t be able to overthink anything. No fancy plays or crazy offenses, just simple lacrosse. That could be a big advantage. However, General Manager James Gottlieb believes that Israel has another advantage over everyone else: “The players on this team are playing for something other than the championship. They are one of the only teams playing for their country as a National Team.”



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