Shootout for Soldiers RV Destroyed in Fire

After hosting a successful Shootout for Soldiers event in Aurora, the SFS organization needs help once again from the Colorado lacrosse community.
The scene in Salina, UT as the Shootout for Soldiers RV is engulfed in flames. (CREDIT: SFS CrowdRise Campaign)

The talented people who travel the country making the Shootout for Soldiers events happen are dedicated to making sure that virtually every dollar raised during the tournament goes to our soldiers. That’s why they’ve been forced to spend the summer together in an RV heading from city to city. Living in the RV ensures that the organization doesn’t have to spend money  on transportation or hotel costs.

This brilliant plan ran into a bit of a snag last night. After hosting the Colorado chapter of the event on  July 28-29th, the team began their journey to California for the last tournament of the summer. While in the mountains of Utah, the team noticed that something was wrong with their trusty RV. SFS Director of Social Media, RJ Kaminski, said, “As we reached the top of what was our last trek up yet another mountain side we started to smell gas… We pulled over to inspect the problem.” The team checked the RV and noticed that the gas cap was about to pop out and that smoke was oozing from the hood. “Everyone got out of the RV at that point,” Kaminski said. “As we were standing next to the RV, a massive ball of fire ran under the RV. At that point we all got far away. It only took 10 mins for the whole RV to be engulfed in flames.”

(CREDIT: SFS CrowdRise Campaign)

Just like that, the RV (nicknamed Ol’ Faithful) was turned to ashes. Everything, including computers, cameras, clothes, and toiletries, was destroyed. The journey to California came to a sudden halt leaving the team stuck at a hotel just outside of Salt Lake City.

As of 5:30pm (MST), the event organizers are still stuck in SLC, over 700 miles away from the final Shootout for Soldiers. The event in California is still scheduled to take place on August 6th and 7th in Dana Point, CA.

SFS has set up a CrowdRise campaign to help raise funds to get the team to California on time and pay for lodging while in California. Any extra money raised will be donated to charities benefiting our nation’s troops. As of the publication of this post, the campaign has raised $20,125. You can donate here:

Source: CO Lax Report

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